The Illinois Department of Transportation cordially invites you to attend a virtual public outreach for the improvement of the intersection at US Route 52 and County Line Road. The purpose of the virtual public outreach is to provide an overview of the study process and schedule, present the preferred roundabout intersection alternative, and obtain public input.

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The Study

The Illinois Department of Transportation is currently performing a preliminary engineering and environmental study that will consider safety improvements to the intersection of US Route 52 and County Line Road near the Villages of Shorewood and Minooka. Several alternative solutions will be developed and evaluated for improved traffic control at the intersection. Roadway alignment changes may be considered as well.

The study area is located in Troy Township (Will County) and Seward Township (Kendall County). As part of this study, crash data will be collected and analyzed to understand crash patterns. The results of this analysis will lead to proposed countermeasures to mitigate existing deficiencies and safety concerns. The project team will evaluate expected effectiveness of safety countermeasures, the cost of improvements, and stakeholder input when determining the preferred alternative.

This project is not currently in the Department’s FY 2022-2027 Proposed Highway Improvement Program. However, it is anticipated that the project will become eligible for Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding after the Phase I is completed.

Get Involved

Explore the Project Website

Check back here frequently for the latest information on the project. You will be able to find updates about progress and review exhibits and documents related to key decisions.

Public Outreach

An important part of the process is to conduct public outreach where attendees can interact with the project team.

Share Your Thoughts

There are many ways to share your thoughts, including emailing the team or submitting an official comment on the record. Click here to submit comments at any time.